Best Quality Kratom

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Red-Veined Kratom

Best Quality Kratom

White-Veined Kratom

Best Quality Kratom

Green-Veined Kratom

Best Quality Kratom

Our Products

We sell dozens of strains of fresh, lab-tested kratom that are sustainably and ethically sourced in the supply chain: from the farm to the consumer. These are not all the strains we sell, and as an agricultural  product, the availability of strains will vary throughout the year.

The descriptions below are as users generally report them. All strains of kratom effect users differently, and even within the same batch of kratom, results will vary subtly with each user. Memphis Kratom does not make any representation as to the effects of consumption on individuals or provide instructions for use.

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We are centrally located near Midtown, the Broad Arts District, old East Memphis, Barlett, Cordova, and the UofM campus.

We are 15 minutes from just about anywhere in town – with easy-on, easy-off access to I40, the 240 loop, and Sam Cooper.

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