How is Kratom Taken?

The consumption tips below are as users generally report them. All strains of kratom effect all users differently, and even within the same batch of kratom, effects may vary subtly on each user. Memphis Kratom therefore does not make any representation as to the effects of consumption on individuals or provide instructions for use.


General Tips From Users

Kratom is ingested orally, where it is digested by the stomach and then metabolized by the liver. It is best taken on an empty stomach, with no food being consumed within the past 2 hours (and 4 hours is  preferred). The half-life of average strains is estimated to be 3.7 hours.

Begin with the smallest dose that works for you. For first-time users, that is usually 2-5 grams. A specialty scale is a must-have. Eyeballing a powdered leaf is not an effective way to ensure that you are taking the same amount every time or that you are adding the proper amount to your usual dose.

Memphis Kratom sells inexpensive scales for this purpose.

If you find that you need to increase the dose, do so by adding an additional 2 grams at your next scheduled time. Most users report that taking additional kratom 2-3 hours into the experience has no noticeable effects, and if anything can increase the side effect of the strain (sedation, etc.)

For may users taking large doses (7 grams or greater),  a “parachuting” method is popular. You begin by ingesting 2-3 grams of the leaf, then wait 20-30 minutes and take the rest of your desired dose. 

It is generally not recommended that any single dose exceed 15-20 grams. Most experienced users note that doses above that threshold increase the side effects of the strain and do not add to the experience. Those using kratom to ease opiate withdrawal or kick an opioid habit typically require larger doses initially and then taper down.

Many users find that adding grapefruit seed extract, turmeric capsules, whole fruit lemon powder, and/or black pepper greatly increases the positive effects of the dose. Memphis Kratom sells inexpensive turmeric capsules, grapefruit seed extract capsules, whole fruit lemon powder, and course black pepper for this purpose.

Never mix kratom with other kratom products, such as extracts.

Never take kratom with alcohol or other drugs, particularly opiate products, benzodiazapenes, and alcohol. Dried kratom leaf alone has not been implicated in a single overdose incident in the U.S., but what very few adverse outcomes have been reported have occurred by mixing large doses of kratom (including extracts) with alcohol and other drugs. Respect the plant.

Most users do not report withdrawal symptoms from Kratom leaf alone. But, what symptoms do appear are generally mild, very short in duration, and on par with caffeine withdrawal. It is not reported to be anywhere close to the nightmare of opiate withdrawal. Still, some users are wary of habituating to the plant and requiring a larger dose or more frequent dosing. To prevent this, most users recommend:

  • Changing up your strain and never using the same strain more than 3 days in a row
  • Taking one day off for every 3-4 days of use
  • Sticking to a schedule
  • Not “re-dosing” in the middle of an experience, when a particular dose does not have the usual effect. The experience will generally be similar from dose to dose. But, it is an organic plant product, and no two doses will have the exact same effect.
  • Alternate kratom dosing with stem and vein kratom (SVK). SVK contains a much lower level of the alkaloid than does the leaf product. Many users swear by this method: Three days on a particular strain, one day using SVK, three days using another strain, SVK or an off-day. Memphis Kratom sells inexpensive stem and vein kratom for this purpose.
  • Many users even rotate strains in the same day and swear by it as a way to keep tolerance low.

User Suggestions For Use

For every kratom user, there is a preferred way to take the leaf. Most users prefer to augment their consumption with concurrent use of a whole-fruit citrus such as lemon and grapefruit. Additionally, black pepper and especially turmeric and lemon are well-known in the community to improve the quality of the experience.

Most users dislike the taste of the plain powdered leaf initially. It is a bitter and earthy flavor, not unlike dirt. But, even so, not all strains taste the same: For instance, no two kinds of greens will taste the same, and whites do not taste like red vein products or anything like green ones.

But generally speaking, the reds are more pungent, followed by yellows and whites, with greens having the mildest taste. You do eventually get accustomed to the taste, but it will never appear on a dessert menu.

To get around this, kratom users have devised several ways to ingest it.

“Toss n’ Wash”

Place the desired amount in your mouth, and then quickly swallow along side a mouthful of fluids. Users report that citrus juices, particularly grapefruit juice, are the best for this purpose. This is the second-most common means of ingestion.


Similar to “Toss n’ Wash”. Begin with a mouthful of fluids, preferably a warm one like tea or coffee, or a citrus juice, then place the desired amount of kratom in your mouth. You mix the two around and then swallow.


Place the desired amount of kratom in a glass or mug, and mix with a preferred fluid – warm or cold, though coffees, teas, and citrus juices work the best – and drink the resulting “cocktail.”

Kratom Tea:

Kratom Tea is by far the most popular way to ingest Kratom.

Kratom tea standing alone, does not taste appreciably better than just regular kratom powder. But, it does have a few benefits.

  • It helps to break down the alkaloids
  • It can be added with black, green, or herbal teas
  • It can be sweetened with honey, sugar, cinnamon, lemon, etc.
  • It is reported to have a faster onset of action, and smoother effects than toss n’ wash or other methods.

To prepare kratom tea: you simmer a desired amount in a pot for 13-15 minutes. Never boil Kratom tea. Boiling kratom can destroy the alkaloids in the leaf and will not lead to an effective experience or any noticeable effects. Add whole lemon fruit powder and/or black pepper to the tea during simmering. You can also add another form of tea to the simmering – such as a mint tea or your favorite green tea.

Wait 2-5 minutes for the tea to cool, then strain the product into a mug, sweeten if desired, and drink. Many users take a capsule of turmeric powder and a capsule of grapefruit seed extract 20 minutes before consumption, and swear by its effects. 

Memphis Kratom sells a variety of Kratom tea-making supplies, such as: individual tea-bags, filters, coffee mugs, mug strainers, and popular additives – whole fruit lemon powder, honey, peppermints, turmeric capsules, coarse black pepper, grapefruit seed extract, ginger and others.


For that that simply cannot stomach the taste of kratom leaf, many users have turned to capsules. This is a good option for users requiring less kratom, as each 00-capsule contains between 600-800 milligrams of kratom. So, users taking smaller doses can often get by ingesting 3-5 capsules. Memphis Kratom sells a variety of blends in 00 capsule form, as well as sells capsule-making supplies.  

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