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We sell dozens of strains of fresh, lab-tested kratom that are sustainably and ethically sourced in the supply chain: from the farm to the consumer. These are not all the strains we sell, and as an agricultural  product, the availability of strains will vary throughout the year.

The descriptions below are as users generally report them. All strains of kratom effect users differently, and even within the same batch of kratom effects may vary subtly on each user. Memphis Kratom does not make any representation as to the effects of consumption on individuals or provide instructions for use.

Red Strains

  • Maeng Da Red – The gold standard of red vein strains – perhaps in all of Kratom. Maeng Da plants are not a stand-alone strain in and of themselves, rather they are one of the heirloom strains (Borneo, Thai, etc.), harvested from the oldest, most mature trees and subjected to an extra-long curling and drying process. This produces the most potent kratom, with the fastest onset of action, and the longest-lasting effects. Maeng Da can last up to 8 hours and are noted especially for its analgesic properties. The red variety is often used in pain management, chronic pain, opiate withdrawal, and as an aid in kicking pharmaceutic addictions. At the same time, Maeng Da is not quite as sedating as other red strains and has just a hint of energizing properties.
  • Borneo Red – Borneos are renowned for their purported ability to tackle acute and moderate pain relief. Borneo vein is high in 7-hydroxymitragynine, which makes it an especially sedating leaf, suitable for evenings or insomnia. This is one of the more sedating and stronger strains and has a relatively slower onset of action.
  • Kali Red – Kali Red is a specialty leaf that grows only in the Kalimantan area of Borneo. This strain is similar to Borneo in that it has a slower onset and is effective for pain relief and insomnia. It is generally used more for insomnia than acute pain relief, and has been used for  opioid withdrawal. In terms of effects, it is a relaxing strain that is bit less potent than Borneos.
  • Bentuangie Red – Like Kali, this is a newer, specialty leaf grown only in one region (Indonesia,) and is often called “Indo” for that reason. Like some other reds, users have found it appropriate for stronger pain relief, as well as relaxation and insomnia. However, Bentuangie is a “balanced” leaf with some moderate uplifting properties that are not quite as sedating as other reds. “Indos” are often used during the daytime. Some users report that the balanced effects of Bentuangie is effective for anxiety as well.
  • Hulu Kapuas Red – “Red Hulu” is another specialty leaf with a very narrow growing range. Hulu is found only in the Kapuas River valley of Indonesia. It is generally noted for its very rapid and intense onset of action and its outstanding pain relieving properties. Most users find Hulu to be a deeply relaxing strain
  • Bali Red – This is a slower strain of reds that is not quite as intense in either onset or action of some others. Often used for chronic pain, long-term addiction management and depression, Bali is a subtle leaf that many users report assists them in creating a natural mood elevation without euphoria. It is moderately sedating towards the end of its window of effectiveness. Some users have even found that the relaxing-but-mellow-energy of Bali is helpful with sexual arousal and maintenance issues.
  • Malay Red – This is a relaxing strain of red vein kratom that provides a lift of energy, but not quite as much as you would find in whites or greens. Malay is frequently used for stress relief, minor pain management throughout the day, and relaxation in the evening. Though Malay is a relaxing strain, it is not as sedating as most red veins. It is considered one of the more mild red strains.
  • Sumatra Red – One of the oldest known strains in the 3000-year history of Kratom use and Ayurveda medicine, most users report that red Sumatra does a little bit of everything well: mood-elevation and stabilizing, cheerfulness, minor euphoria, pain relief, relaxation, and eventually sedation. This is one of the most time-tested holistic medicinal plants in the record. If you’ve had green strains but require a bit more pain relief, Sumatra Red is a good step up.
  • Thai Red – Like Sumatra, Thailand Red Vein Kratom is another time-honored, historically-attested medicinal plant. Outside of Maeng Da, Thai is the longest-lasting of the red strains, with effects frequently lasting 6 hours or more. It is also one of the more moderate in its effects. Its combination of slight stimulation and pain relief has been used for those days where things hurt but you have to be productive. Most users do not take Thais in the evening. While it does not typically create insomnia, the energy it provides makes it better as a day-time option.
  • Red Horn – Many users swear by the red horn strains of kratom. Like Maeng Da, these are not a separate strain, they instead are an heirloom species with – as the name suggests – horned leaves. This produces a plant that is high in certain alkaloids, but low in others. The subtle effects of Red Horn makes it the least euphoric of the red strains, while producing a small burst of energy and long-lasting, slow-acting minor pain relief. For users looking for a strain with mood-elevating potential and to pull you out of the doldrums, Red Horn has often been called a godsend.
  • Viet Red – Like other Kratom strains, Red Vietnamese Kratom grows in Southeast Asia only, but this strain only comes from the relatively-new growing region of Vietnam. Like its neighbor, Malaysia, Vietnamese Kratom produces a red with relaxing properties that can provide pain relief but also comes with plenty of energy. This is the most energetic of the red strains and is frequently in high demand for its abilities to soothe menstrual cramps without sedating users. Like Malay strains, most users suggest not taking Viet Red late in the evening.
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Green Strains

  • Maeng Da Green – Like Red Maeng Da, this is another one of Kratom’s gold standard strains. Often used for mental stress and repetitive physical activities, such as factory work or agricultural activities. Maeng Da Green strains take all the effects of a balanced blend like Sumatra, but most users find them to be subjectively stronger and to last much longer. While most green strains typically last in effectiveness from 5-6 hours, Maeng Da Green frequently lasts up to 8 hours – some users find that they may even last up to 12 hours. This little leaf packs plenty of pain relief, buzz-free relaxation, mental alertness, and a crash-free energy that lasts almost a full workday – no wonder Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains on the market.
  • Viet Green – A newer strain on the market, it is similar to its red cousin in that it is an energetic-but-relaxing strain that also soothes minor aches and pains. Some greens should not be taken towards the end of the day, and this is especially true for all of the Vietnamese plants.
  • Indo Green – This is a “clean-burning” strain that provides energy, and is suitable for stress and anxiety relief without a marked crash at the end of its effectiveness. It is not the greatest strain for pain, but many people who need to face the day anxiety-free and without the lethargy of benzodiazapenes rely on Indonesian greens.
  • Thai Green – Thai Green is an heirloom green strain, one of the most abundant and used strains on the market. It leaves users with a calm mind, plenty of energy, and provides almost as much pain relief as a red strain without the drowsiness that can accompany many of the reds. Thailand greens typically do not contribute to anxiety and can generally be used later in the day.
  • Malay Green – This is perhaps the most energizing strain of greens. It does help with pain, and has been used by laborers in the region for centuries for that purpose. But it does not leave users with a clouded mind or inefficient body. Malaysian laborers have a motto for this strain: “Leaf equals relief.” It should not be consumed later in the evening, as its energetic effects are similar to a cup or two of coffee – but without the crash of caffeine.
  • Sumatran Green – This is a “moderate” strain of green kratom, with a complex profile that begins with a mellow-but-energetic feeling, as it progresses, users report plenty of pain-killing potential for several hours. Later in its effective cycle, many find that Sumatra can be sedating and is appropriate to take later in the day.
  • Hulu Kapuas Green – This is one of the rarest strains of green kratom, and has unique properties for even the versatile green strains. It is deeply relaxing but has not been observed to to be especially sedating. Like all greens, it has a mildly energizing profile, but the effect is minimal, and this strain is a very moderate one that leans towards evening consumption. While it has minimal energetic properties, it is probably the closest in effect to a red than most other green strains.
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White Strains

  • White Bali – This strain, like all whites, is noted for impressive energy-boosting that feels clean and does not leave you jittery. Some users report mood-lifting properties as well. Whites should not be taken in the evening, and all whites tend to last a shorter time than other strains, 3-4 hours on average.
  • White Borneo – This strain is noted for its ability to help users focus and fight fatigue. It also has the benefit of being one of the longer-lasting strains of whites, sometimes up to 6 hours. It has become a favorite with college students and professionals seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals.
  • White Horn – This is perhaps the fastest-acting white strain. And, like other “horn” strains, it contains a bit higher content of alkaloids. While most report that it boosts mood and elevates their energy levels, it also has pain-killing properties that many other white strains lack. It has become very popular with users suffering from anxiety and depression.
  • White Hulu Kapuas – White Hulu strains have the most intense-acting stimulating effects of any of the kratom leaves. But, the light that burns brightest, burns out fastest. White Hulu effects rarely last longer than 4 hours. Still, for users that require pain relief with plenty of productivity and crash-free energy, have found that White Hulu is their go-to option. The trade off is worth it.
  • White Elephant – This is four-strain mixture of white plants from the Java region. Elephants are well-regarded especially for their energetic effects.
  • White Malay – Like the other Malay strains, White Malay is a very balanced, moderate blend with a relatively low-level of active alkaloids. It provides an easy-up/easy-down experience of natural energy. It is renowned for its ability to help focus and gently lifts users moods. Most users report that the properties are similar to a White Horn strain but less intense in onset or effect.
  • White Maeng Da – WMD is one of the most unique strains of kratom on the market. For many users, white strains may be a bit too energizing. But, Maeng Da is praised for its long duration of action, moderate effects, outstanding concentration and focus, and – unique among the whites – excellent pain relief as well. Like all Maeng Da strains, it is a long-lasting strain, usually 6+ hours for most users.
  • White Kali – As with other Kali variations, White Kali has a medium level of well-balanced alkaloids. And balance is the key for this white. For users who don’t need the full relaxation of a green strain, don’t require as much as energy as a stronger white strain provides, and who require moderate pain relief with a mood lift, this variant has become a go-to. All the Kalis are rare on the market, being grown in just one small river valley on earth.
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Gold / Yellow Strains

  • Availability of gold and yellow strains will be controlled by the cultivation cycle and amounts available for export. This is a rare form of kratom that requires specific plant cultivars, long growing cycles, and significantly longer drying and curing times. That said, we will be stocking every gold and yellow that we can obtain from our vendors.
  • All gold and yellow strains have a general profile to their “burn” – they are the most balanced form of kratom you can purchase. According to users, these versatile strains all provide a little bit of everything that kratom has to offer: superior focus, smooth energy, mental clarity, mild-to-moderate pain relief, lessened anxiety symptoms, uplifted mood, a long effective duration, and, as the experience draws to a close, a sense of relaxation and well-being leading to a good night’s sleep.
  • Each yellow or gold kratom variant tends to take the best aspects of the heirloom plant and brings those properties to the forefront (see above for general descriptions). Popular varieties include: Yellow Maeng Da, Viet Yellow, Thai Gold, Yellow Borneo, Sunda Yellow, and Gold Kali.
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