Types of Kratom

We get it. Kratom is an extraordinarily complicated plant, with several varieties and an entirely new vocabulary to learn. We all had a first time, and there’s no shame in that. Our goal is to educate as much as anything, so let’s discuss the types of products we sell.

Kratom comes in four strains based on the color of the vein: green, white, red, and a new rarer form, yellow.  The leaves of all plants are green, however. To process the plant, it is dried, the stem and veins removed, and then the dried leaf is crushed into powder.

On top of the colors, Kratom is also labeled by its growing region of origin (Thai, Malay, Indo, etc). Additionally, some top-end and specialty strains have additional designations such as Maeng Da, Bentuangie, Hulu Kapuas, Elephant, Venus, and Horn.

It can be confusing at first, when you see our dozens of varieties and wonder what the difference is between a White Horn Malay, a White Indo, and White Borneo. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you; each strain and variant works differently for each person. The descriptions below are as users generally report them. All strains of kratom effect all users differently, and even within the same batch of kratom, effects may vary subtly on each user. Memphis Kratom does not make any representation as to the effects of consumption on individuals or provide instructions for use.

Red Kratom leaves have red colored stems and veins. It is by far the best selling and most widely used and available strain of kratom on the market – outselling all other strains combined. It grows abundantly throughout Southeast Asia.

Red Kratom has been used for a variety of ailments, and is probably the one most new users will expect to be purchasing. Reds are said to give a peace of mind, optimism, and sense of well-being. The alkaloid content in Red strains are a bit stronger, and they are used for relaxation, insomnia and to relieve pain.

Red Kratom strains are frequently used to supplement or replace prescription painkillers. And, it is most prominent in the news because this little plant has helped millions escape the addiction of opiates as well as ease withdrawal symptoms. There are an estimated 3 million daily users of kratom for this very purpose.

As with all strains, the effect depends on the amount taken. But, generally speaking, small doses produce a stimulating effect. That said Red Kratom is the most relaxing and sedating strain. It is also the longest-lasting strain, with most users reporting effects that last 6-8 hours.

Popular products in this line include: Red ThaiRed Bali, Red Borneo, Red Hulu and Red Maeng Da.

White Kratom is everything that Red Kratom is not. While users report that Reds are appropriate for pain relief, whites generally are not. They have the least amount of active alkaloids. And that is why this is the most stimulating of all strains.

Users typically take whites for alertness, cheerfulness, concentration, motivation, and a boost of energy throughout the day. White strains are also increasingly being used by persons feeling depressed or anxious.

Whereas Red Kratom can last up to 8 hours (for Maeng Da varieties), white kratoms often last the shortest amount of time of all the strains, usually between 3-4 hours, but sometimes as short as 2-3 hours.

Since this is an energizing strain, it has been highly recommended by its users not to consume too late in the evening or before bedtime.

Popular products in this line include: White Hulu, White Jungle, White HornWhite Elephant, White Asia, and White Sumatra.

Green vein kratoms are the best of both the whites and the reds. They are renowned for their energetic-but-mellow properties. Many users report that ingesting a green vein kratom is similar to alcohol in that it is a bit of a disinhibitor and relaxant, but at the same time provides a subtle bump in energy. Green strains are often used for less acute, nagging pains of everyday life and a sense relaxation without a crash and when clarity of mind is still required. In Southeast Asia, there is a popular saying about the green strains of kratom: “leaf equals relief.”

The Greens are not as energetic as whites, nor as sedating and as analgesic as red ones, and make for a very good middle of the road experience. They are frequently used in kratom blends – that is, they added to another strain for a more complex effect and to smooth out the edges of a pure strain. Green Kratom strains last between 5-6 hours.

Popular products in this line include: Green Potniak Horn, Green BorneoGreen Elephant, and Green Maeng Da.

This is the rarest “strain” of all, because, technically speaking, it’s not a distinct strain at all. Yellow Kratom arises from proprietary growing and harvesting processes. “Yellow” kratoms can be composed of Red strains, White and Green blends, or any of these.

The process begins with an older tree. As kratom trees undergo their life cycle and get older, the leaves they produce are bigger and are tinged with a gold color. The older and more mature the tree, the more yellow that will appear in the leaves. So yellow kratom begins with an older tree. Then the harvesting process moves to the annual growing cycle. Through out the year, as the leaves grow, ripen and are eventually ready for harvesting, the leaves add yet more golden color – like the leaf on an oak tree in October. It is at this late stage that “yellow kratom” is harvested. The leaves are then subjected to a special drying process, and must be monitored to ensure that they retain their freshness and do not over-dry.

Old trees, more mature leaves, specialty drying: This is a labor intensive process that requires very old trees and significant arable land. It is why the Yellow strains are also among the most costly.

But, ask any experienced Kratom user – and many will swear by Yellows – you get what you pay for. The alkaloids in Yellow kratom are said to possess a more immediate effect, to last longer, and to have effects that far outperform most other strains. Yellows can last up to 8 hours.

Memphis Kratom does sell yellow kratoms, though availability may be affected by the growing season.

Popular products in this line include:  Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Thai, Yellow Sunda, and Yellow Sumatra

Not technically a distinct leaf at all, Maeng Da strains are leaves harvested from one of the other varieties, such as a Thai product. But, Maeng Da leaves are more mature picked from kratom trees that are among the oldest in cultivation. These leaves are then subject to an especially long drying and curing process.  These leaves, the cultivars, and the drying cycle are similar to Yellow Kratom, but much older and much longer.

All of these combine to make Maeng Da strains the most potent strains grown, with very rapid effects, pronounced action, and a significant length of action. Like yellow strains, Maeng Das are renowned for their long-lasting effects, with 8 hours routinely being reported, and 10-to-12-hour durations are not unheard of.

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